About HVA

Founded in 1989, HARDEN + VAN ARNAM ARCHITECTS PLLC specializes in the design of low and moderate income housing, special needs housing and community related facilities.

HARDEN + VAN ARNAM ARCHITECTS work incorporates rehabilitation and new construction throughout New York City and includes projects ranging in size from single family homes to multi-story buildings. Many projects also include support services such as social service and administrative space, lounge, classroom and recreation areas and in some cases, childcare facilities. The Company has also completed design work for nursing home renovations and additions, non-profit office space and commercial space.

HARDEN + VAN ARNAM ARCHITECTS designs beautiful, cost-effective buildings with spaces that reflect and meet the needs of their non-profit clients and provide residents with thoughtful and secure homes. Their work is characterized by detailed, textured exteriors and stunning interior spaces, with a great deal of thought to the use of un-institutional yet durable materials. Light fixtures, tile selections and colors are carefully selected to complement each other, and provide warmth and a habitat of respect and dignity.

HARDEN + VAN ARNAM ARCHITECTS works with clients to respond to the growing environmental crisis by incorporating green and sustainable design elements and energy efficiency into their projects. The specific elements utilized are tailored to be cost effective and practical based on the individual needs, concerns, budgetary constraints and the maintenance capabilities of clients. Green and sustainable design elements are carefully considered and incorporated into the overall building design to maintain the firm’s high aesthetic standards while exploring new means and methods of conserving energy, resources and materials.


Cindy L. Harden

Cindy L. Harden was with the Pratt Center for Community Development from l98l to l989, serving for three years as Director of the Pratt Architectural Collaborative, a division of the Pratt Center. She was responsible for coordinating the Collaborative’s architectural services, but also focused on the design of housing and social services for families and individuals with special needs. Ms.Harden was one of the first architects in the country to recognize the needs of the growing homeless population and has dedicated her professional career to working with non-profit organizations serving low- and moderate-income people and those with special needs. She received a Bachelor’s Degree with a Major in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1976 and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Washington University in 1979. She also studied social work and was a student in Washington University’s Joint Degree Program in Architecture and Social Work. In 2000, Ms. Harden was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University.


Jan Van Arnam

A 1966 graduate of Pratt Institute, Jan Van Arnam has been a licensed Architect since l97l. His early experience included both new construction and the rehabilitation of numerous buildings for residential and institutional uses, including several projects for the New York State Dormitory Authority. In l976 Mr. Van Arnam formed a general contracting firm, Loran Construction Ltd., specializing in residential construction, including historical restorations and interiors. In many instances Mr. Van Arnam designed the project and completed the general contracting work. His varied experience makes him very knowledgeable in both the design portions of project development and construction practices, techniques and administration of construction contracts.


Claudia Goudas

Since joining HVA in 2000, Claudia Goudas has been committed to enhancing lives through thoughtful and meaningful architecture. Her passion for interiors and design continues to seek opportunities to inspire, surprise and bring unusual materials to the supportive and affordable housing community.

Claudia Goudas was born in Colombia where she obtained her Bachelors of Architecture at the University of Saint Bonaventure in Cali Colombia. She is currently Senior Associate at HVA and is pursuing an architectural license in New York.